Remote-first is here to stay. It’s time for the agency culture to adapt.

1. Uncertainty is a killer for new business

“We never have much visibility on pipeline two or three months, max. But right now, we just don’t have a clue. So the uncertainty of that is the most challenging thing.”

2. Client are in the same boat and still need outside help

“You know, we used to think that that kind of face-to-face interaction with clients was essential, and you just couldn’t operate without it. I think in the last couple of months, we’ve proven that we can do everything that we can do in a normal working day, or week, or month, remotely.”

3. Maintaining the buzz of agency life is harder

“I don’t know anyone else on here but I’m knackered and trying to be the upbeat one in the business, running virtual company updates and trying to make them fun every week is tiring.”

Friday smiles with the Idean team

4. The role of the studio space is changing

Did someone remember to water the plants? Photo by Andrea Davis on Unsplash

“We don’t have the answer yet but we’re thinking about shifting to a creative space…connecting and collaborating would be the kind of mindset. If you want to spend a day a month in the office, or a day a week, you work it out. But it’s not like an office. It’s like just a space for creation. And if you want to work there, you can work there, but it’s really not the focus.”

“Work is working for her because we were gonna do full remote with her anyway, but this has just removed all of that bias that other people in the studio might have had about it.”

5. Remote-first is here to stay, but one size does not fit all

“Our strategy director is absolutely loving it and never wants to come back to the studio. She’s delivering incredibly good quality work because she’s getting those points of reflection between the meetings. When you actually think about it eight hours in an office every day for some roles is just incredibly distracting”

“I’ve had zoom calls with people sitting in their baths as that’s the only private space they had left in their house. We can’t ask them to stay remote-first if that’s their working situation.”

Back problems anyone? Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

“A personalised work experience that makes work, work for that individual rather than the only thinking about the collective.”

We have an opportunity to do better

“It’s really about striking a blend about what you liked before and what you would like to do moving forward, given the fact that things have changed. I think that’s massively exciting.”

“It used to be about doing things together. But it’s not necessarily about that. What if it’s about creating workplaces that work for individuals? And maybe that’s more important than doing everything together all the time.”



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